Wax Print SIX YARDS — Red Wine & Green Bird Print Panels

$36.99/per 6 yard piece

African Wax Print Fabric
6 Yard Piece
Bold, Beautiful, Large Scale Print
100% Cotton
46 Inches Wide
Light Weight Cotton
Perfect for Apparel, Home Decor, Quilting
Fabric may be ordered by 6 yard piece only

Out of stock

Minimum Order 1 Yard or 1 item
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African Wax Print Fabric 6 Yard Piece. Java Print Fabric. Ankara Panel Fabric in Red Wine and Green Bird Print. 100% Cotton for Apparel or Home Decor

Bold, beautiful and colorful African Wax Print fabric. Alternating Green and Wine colored panels of fabric.

If you purchase the full 6 yards available, it may have the manufacturers sticker on the fabric.

Perfect for quilting, clothing, and other sewing crafts.

100 % Cotton

Machine washable and dry-able. Wash with like colors. Darker colors may run. Remember, this is a wax print. The stiff “waxiness” of the fabric will disappear with the first few washes.

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