South African Shweshwe — Lime Green Dandelions

$15.99/per yard

Genuine DaGama 3 Cats

Discharge Dyed Shweshwe

100% Cotton

Perfect for Quilting, Apparel, and Home Decor

Fabric may be ordered by the yard

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Minimum Order 1 Yard or 1 item


Bright and vibrant Lime Green in a playful dandelion pattern.

Genuine, beautiful, and finely detailed, African Shweshwe fabric sold by the YARD.

Da Gama Textiles is perhaps the only known producer of traditional Indigo Dyed Discharge Printed Fabric in the world. It is unique to this company in South Africa. The process for producing Three Cats Shweshwe is still done traditionally, whereby fabric is fed through copper rollers which have patterns etched on the surface, allowing a weak acid solution to be fed into the fabric, bleaching out the distinctive white designs.

The authenticity of the fabric can be verified by the trademark backstamp on the back of all the fabric. This fabric has typically been used for traditional ceremonies in rural areas, but now it has become widely fashionable in South African and around the world for use in quilts, clothing and housewares. It is a super high quality cotton.

This fabric measures 35 inches wide (89/90 centimeters). This is not as wide as fabric on a typical bolt.
Perfect for quilting, clothing, and other sewing crafts. Approximately 35″x36″ in a yard cut. Orders of more than one yard will be left in one continuous piece.

100 % Cotton

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