About Kat & Lou

Welcome to Kat and Lou--a kid's idea for fabulous fabrics! Come and visit our creative and colorful collection of fabrics that are just perfect for your kids sewing project...because they are all picked out by actual kids!

Back in 2012, I opened More Love Mama Global Textiles. I started that shop to help pay for the adoption fees to bring home my kids from DRCongo. Fast forward 8 years and I now have 6 amazing children, including 9 year old girls, Kat and Lou! On a family camping trip Lou and I were hiking together and she said "You know what Mom, me and Kat should have our own fabric shop, with fabrics that we pick out!" It was sort of an "aha" moment. Why not let the girls start their own shop? Why not get them a start on their own business? And so on that day on a hiking trail in Texas, Kat and Lou--A Kid's Idea was born!!!

I am the owner of Kat and Lou, but the girls are the creative geniuses of the shop! They curate all the fabrics. They help with fabric photography and photo editing! They even help fill the orders. And when they are old enough, I will happily turn over the reigns to my brilliant little entrepreneurs.

We hope you find something that you love here at Kat and Lou, because it has been a true labor of love bringing it to life.