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Guatemalan Handwoven Heavy Woven Bright Pink, Purple, Yellow Ikat

Guatemalan Handwoven Heavy Woven Bright Pink, Purple, Yellow Ikat

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Welcome to More Love Mama Global Textiles! Wrapping you in a world of fabrics and More Love!

  • This listing is for 1 yard of Guatemalan Handwoven Fair Trade Fabric
  • Orders of more than 1 yard will be left in one continuous uncut piece.
  • Guatemalan Ikat Fabric by the YARD.
  • Handwoven Fair Trade Mayan Fabric.
  • Heavy Woven Fabric for Home Décor.
  • Bright Pink, Purple, Yellow Stripes
  • Perfect for garments, housewares, and other textile crafts.
  • This is a woven fabric NOT a print.
  • Approximately 36 inches x 36 inches in a yard cut.
  • This fabric is 1 ply, heavy weight, hand woven of 100% cotton on a traditional treadle loom. This fabric is traditionally used to make simple long skirts worn by Mayan women, but it is also a utility fabric used for things like curtains, upholstery, and other common household needs.
  • 100 % Cotton
  • Made in Guatemala.

Guatemalan fabric is 100% cotton, but as it is hand dyed and handmade washing instructions should be followed to maintain the vivid colors: **For the first washing, hand wash or soak fabric in a combination of water and a small amount of non-iodized salt (kosher is okay) to set the colors. **After setting the colors the fabric may be machine washed in cold water using a mild soap. **Line-dry. **Expect fabric to shrink approx 1" in width and length per yard. 

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